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Upcoming Webinar: Tech Platforms for Programs

Join us next week for a short webinar on our most popular tech platforms to support our client programs! Our 15 minutes presentation will go over some of our platform options and how they can work for you and your marketing goals. Following the webinar, we will have some time for questions to be answered...

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Trend Alert: Get Coastal Grandmother Swag

Trending Now: Coastal Grandmother Style

The latest trend from TikTok has hit the mainstream and luckily, no dancing is required. The "Coastal Grandmother" trend is defining our summer styles and Sonic Promos can make it work for your new marketing campaign.  First...

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Clone our programs!

Welcome to the Sonic Promos Client Club! You're here because you've done amazing things--like choosing to work with Sonic Promos. Thanks for all your support!
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