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Episode 1: Don’t Let Perfection be the Enemy of Good

In this episode of Grill’a Marketing, Seth demonstrates how to avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism in order to deliver tasty and timely results. Whether grilling chicken or selecting the right marketing campaign, a good strategy implemented now is better than a perfect one delivered too late. Marketing can be a zero-sum game and time is not an abundant resource. We know there are plenty of ways to turn raw chicken into a flavorful meal, but because consumers are hungry, “this chicken needs to be cooked today.”

A Deloitte 2021 Global Marketing Trends survey of 2,447 global consumers determined that 58% of them were able to name a brand that quickly pivoted offerings to react to COVID-19’s “new normal.” 82% of respondents said new, relevant offerings increased their desire to do business with those brands. The key word in Deloitte’s survey is “quickly.” The brands that executed successful marketing campaigns during the pandemic were those that operated with a sense of urgency.

In what ways did Seth operate with a sense of urgency? Seth recognized the goal: delicious chicken today. Seth recognized the constraint: time. Seth took inventory of the resources available: dry rub, bowl, refrigerator. Seth weighed his options:

On the left a man giving a thumbs up with a plate of food in front of him is pictured. Above this picture it reads "SEIZE an opportunity?" to the right, separating this picture from another phot is the word OR. The picture to the right is a man at a table deep in thought. Above this picture is reads "SEASON indefinitely?"

Rather than spend countless hours mapping out ways to attain the perfect Suprême de Volaille Fermière à la Crème, Seth seized an opportunity and used the resources available now. Projected ROI? Delectable chicken faster than you can say ‘Suprême de Volaille Fermière à la Crème.’

The reason we as marketers need to seize an opportunity is that it might fly the coop at any moment. We do not have time this quarter to raise the most expensive chickens in the world from Bresse, France, that are “rested in wooden cages called ‘épinettes’ in rooms with low diffuse light while they eat, dream and chill out.” While other grill masters are seasoning that idea indefinitely, guests at Seth’s BBQ are already on their second helping.

You can seize an opportunity too! Participate in Sonic Promos BBQ Test Kitchen Survey. Further instruction and a taste of success will follow!

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