Some of Oprah’s Favorite things

And a few extras. Brandable by Sonic Promos.

Oprah says: “Bring eight therapies home with this one treatment tool: It has percussive massage and cleansing options, and red, blue, and red-plus-infrared light therapies. It’s for anyone looking for lifting and tightening but afraid of needles.”

Oprah says: “The title of this step-by-step planner is a doozy, but ‘I’m Dead, Now What?’ makes it easy to record everything your loved ones might need.”

Oprah says: “This summer, a friend I was traveling with raved about his Kindle, the first to include a notebook and a pen that never needs charging – especially how readable it was in the sun and how much he enjoyed writing notes with it. He was right!”

Oprah says: “I first picked Corkcicle in 2012. This year, it has a brand-new cup, with a ceramic straw, that comes in 19 colors and keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours (or hot for five). I can’t wait to have my smoothie in the lavender one.”

Oprah says: “Such an easy way to keep your dog happy on the longest walks or hottest days. Simply squeeze this 22-ounce, BPA-free plastic bottle to fill the bowl, and release to drain the water back in.”

Oprah says: “I love all things Beats. Some of us are over-the-head-headphone people, and if you know one of them, these are the best of the best.”

Sonic Promos says: “This personal sized cooler from Out of the Woods is stylish and sustainable! We love the natural look that keeps things feeling fresh.”

Sonic Promos says: “The Living Edge series of cutting boards are made out the finest discarded teak. Handcrafted means that no two pieces look the same. A beautiful and sure to be cherished holiday gift.”

Sonic Promos says: “Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks? These are super cozy and soft and a sure-fire-hit to any person who receives them. These are custom dyed to your exact specifications!”

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